Nexus War: Civilization Beginner’s Guide

This Nexus War: Civilization guide covers the basics of the game to help new players get up to speed and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world.

Nexus War Guide and Tips for Beginners
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Nexus War: Civilization (previously named Nexus War: Origins), is a space-age strategy game set in the distant future. Players can explore the vast open world of Origin Star, interacting with four races and their unique cultures.

In this game, you can build your city and customize IT with unique architectural styles while commanding dozens of heroes to form mighty armies. But as a beginner, the world of Nexus War may seem daunting.

That’s why we’ve put together this Nexus War game guide. We’ll walk you through the basics of the game and take a closer look at the race mechanics, combat system, and other important features you need to understand.

Nexus War Guide for Beginners

Gameplay Overview

Nexus War: Civilization offers thrilling strategy gameplay, quite similar to most strategy mobile games you might be familiar with, but with a futuristic space-age twist and a story from another world.

Your main goal is to build and expand your empire with magnificent buildings, units, and various strong heroes with special powers. Each building has its unique design, depending on the race you have chosen. That is why you need to think carefully about which race is the best fit for your playstyle.

Choosing your race

A key element of Nexus War: Civilization is choosing the right race. Each of the four races has unique architectures, background stories, special bonuses, and starting heroes. You can also change your race later but it will cost you 1,000 Emporium. Here’s what each race has to offer:

  • Human race: Artillery Attack 5%, Construction Speed 2%, and Marching speed of gathering armies 5%.
  • Theia race: Infantry’s attack 5%, Healing speed 4%, and Scout speed 5%
  • Izan race: Tank’s attack 5%, Research speed 2%, Marching speed of Jungling armies 5%
  • Aoku race: Tank’s attack 5%, Training speed 4%, and Marching speed of raiding armies 5%

Gathering and managing resources

There are several resources required to progress in this game, but the most essential ones, especially in the early game, are Megafruits, Cohegen, Pyrostone, and Origem. There is also a premium currency called Emporium which has a more universal use, the same as diamonds or gems have in other similar games.

Resource buildings producing primary resources in Nexus War: Civilization

Megafruits – essential nutritious sweet fruits that help reduce hunger in your city or for traveling. This is basically the food resource we see in other strategy games and in Nexus War: Civilization can be produced in your city by building a Farm once you upgrade the City hall to level 6. It can as well be gathered by sending your troops outside your city to Greenhouse resource points.

Cohegen – a primary resource required for most building upgrades and tech research. It can be produced by Gas Well, also available from City Hall level 6. Can also be gathered from Cohegen Purifier resource points on the world map.

Pyrostone – a crucial raw material required for industrial and military manufacturing. Inside your city can be produced by Quarry structures, while outside your city can be gathered from Pyrostone Cutter resource points.

Origem – also required for most construction projects and upgrades and can be produced by Origem Plants in your city. But unlike other resources, Origem is not easy to be found on the world map and there is no search function for it.

It can be gathered from Origem Veins resource points that appear only in restricted areas of Ancients. The higher the level of the Ancient, the greater the chances to spawn in that specific zone. However, only the members of the Alliance occupying the Ancient can gather this resource.

Recruiting heroes

The Hall of Heroes building in Nexus War

When building your empire, you’ll also need to recruit heroes of different roles such as Damage, Support, Defender, Gatherer, Durable, Control, Invader, or Jungler. Each of these roles helps your heroes excel in various situations while also providing related bonuses to their army.

Recruiting more heroes will increase the strength of your army and help you progress faster in the game, especially if your team is made of some of the top-ranking ones from our Nexus War Civilization tier list. Heroes are divided into 3 rarities – Rare, Epic, and Legendary, with Legendary including the strongest heroes in the game.

To recruit heroes, you will first need to build the Hall of Heroes building and have Rare, Epic, or Legendary beacons, which are special tickets obtained from completing missions and participating in certain events.

A quicker way to recruit heroes is to tap the Heroes tab in the bottom-left corner and press the “Recruit” button. There you have 3 options: Spacetime Visits for recruiting Legendary heroes, Intergalactic Invitation for epic, and Origin Champions for rare-quality heroes.

If you don’t have any beacons yet, you can use the free daily recruit to get heroes for the 3 mentioned rarities. Keep in mind that the hero drops are not guaranteed and you might get Hero EXP or resource items instead.

Quests and Missions

Nexus War offers plenty of missions and side quests to keep you busy. As a new player, you should be focusing primarily on completing chapter tasks/missions as these represent the main storyline and will reward you with experience, resources, and other essential rewards.

Each chapter has several missions and once you complete all of them, you get a final reward that offers generous amounts of valuable items like Emporium, hero tokens, speedups, and other items required to upgrade your army.

You should also complete Daily Tasks, and Growth Tasks as these can help you develop your city faster. Unlike Growth Tasks, Daily Tasks have a limited duration so be sure to complete them as soon as possible.

All these missions can be accessed by pressing the bookmark and checkmark icons in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

City Residents and their benefits

Once you reach City Hall level 7, you can construct the Residential Complex building, which can be used to gain information about the residents in your city. There are 2 types of residents in the game, Functional and Decorative.

Functional residents are the most valuable because they can offer great bonuses that can help your city’s growth. You can recruit the following functional residents via Metropolis missions: Naya Simons, Barr, Seren Ryer, and Roe Ryan.

Functional residents can also be upgraded. For instance, Barr can be upgraded by training troops, Naya Simons and Roe Ryan by upgrading buildings, and Seren Ryer by healing your wounded units.

On the other hand, decorative residents do not offer much value but they do offer you valuable gifts from time to time. You can choose which residents to display in your city via the top-right button on the Resident Management page.

World Map and Exploration

The world of Nexus War is one filled with all kinds of alien creatures, mysterious structures, and precious resource points. The majority of the map is covered by fog but you can explore it by sending your scouts in missions.

You start by having only one scout with limited marching speed but you can unlock the second one once you upgrade the Scout Hangar building to level 5.

Upgrading this building will also increase their marching speed, which means faster map exploration. The third scout can be unlocked from level 11 and from here you only get speed improvements up to level 25.

There is also a map search function that you should be aware of. This feature is extremely helpful as it allows you to find specific neutral enemies like Gulpers, Pyroslugs, Drillers, Scrabblers, or Nephilims, as well as resource points.

To do that, while on the world view, press the search icon on the bottom right corner, and press the Monsters or Resources tab. Next, drag the slider to specify the level of monsters or resources you are looking for, and hit “Search”.

Research center and technologies

The 4 Research tech branches

The Research building is responsible for unlocking new technologies that will improve your city’s development, economy, and army. It is one of the most important buildings in this game and it includes 4 branches: Development, Battle, Armaments, and Armies.

As someone who is new to this game and does not have a large army yet, resource buildings are your best option when it comes to building a strong economy.

Resources allow you to upgrade your city and create powerful armies, but you will soon realize that the amount of resources they produce is quite limited.

To increase your resource output, you should start researching techs in the Development branch of the Research building.

Similarly, the techs in the other 3 branches can be used to research new military techs that will increase your city and army power.

Protecting your city

Learning how to defend your city must be a priority if you want to succeed in Nexus War. You can do this by upgrading and training your army as well as leveling up your City’s Wall.

You should also garrison armies to the Wall to defend your city. This will increase its durability and fight any potential attacks from other players.

And since marching armies do not count as defending troops, it is best to turn on the “Auto-Defense Replenishment” option so that the system can allocate units automatically and make sure your power remains optimal all the time.

Preparing for PvP battles

Although you could stick to hunting monsters, you cannot avoid PvP battles in this game. You should be prepared to fight other players and take their resources so that you can upgrade your city faster.

If attacking other players is not your thing, you should at least work on building a strong defense to decrease the chances of having your hard-earned resources plundered. There are multiple ways to do this, such as investing in stronger units, efficient troop formations, and powerful hero abilities.

However, the most beneficial strategy for new players is to join an alliance with other players. This way, you will have the support of your alliance mates during battles and can also join forces to fight stronger opponents.

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